Solar batteries

Off-grid electrification

An innovative player in the energy transition, the Belios brand is specialised in the off-grid electrification of professional and industrial equipment with solar batteries designed and manufactured in France.

Whatever your application or activity, Belios® can help you develop and set up an off-grid solar system to power your stationary equipment via solar panels.

Based on your technical constraints, our R&D centre qualifies your needs for a customised design, 100% adapted to your solution.



Solar batteries: defining your needs

Performance and durability, our solar batteries efficiently store solar energy to power your off-grid equipment, even in adverse weather conditions.

Because some selection criteria are more important than others, the Belios® teams guide you in defining your needs and determine with you the chemistry and the battery components best suited to your final solution.

Xtreme Batteries

For extreme conditions

Ni-MH technology

Batteries XT

The Xtreme batteries use a Ni-MH technology studied for extreme conditions.

They are perfectly adapted to temperatures varying between -25°C and +80°C, compared to a lead battery which cannot withstand temperatures above +40°C.

In addition, Ni-MH technology is distinguished by its resistance to humid and marine environments.

LongLife batteries

For a longer life

LiFePO4 technology

Batteries LongLife de belios LiFePo4

The Longlife batteries use the lithium LiFePO4, the most efficient technology in the solar energy sector.

This lithium technology has an energy density 3 times greater than that of a lead battery.

The lifetime of an Longlife battery is 10 times higher than that of lead, without loss of performance.

Because each project is unique

Let’s develop your tailor-made solar battery together

Ni-MH or lithium LiFePO4, our engineers work from your specifications and integrate in your solar battery the technology that best suits your use. Design, production and industrialisation, let’s develop your customised solar battery together.

innovation belios

Innovative solar batteries

Integrate your options

SLIM® technology, intelligence in electronics

Belios batteries are driven by SLIM® technology. This intelligent electronics integrate charging and discharging algorithms increasing the performance of solar batteries.

Monitoring of off-grid systems with tailor-made connectivity

All Belios solar batteries can integrate communication bricks to control the entire solar energy system.

Robust and waterproof power system

Belios batteries have been designed to adapt to all environments, even in exceptional conditions: extreme temperatures, humid areas, saline environments, etc.

A Plug & Play solar energy solution

3 installation steps

Installation Plug and play batteries solaires Belios

Connection to the solar panel

MC4 connectors up to 360 Wp

Connections to equipment

LED lighting up to 120 W
Auxiliary equipment up to 1200 W

Setting and monitoring

CAN connection or wireless connection

Installation Plug and play batteries solaires Belios

Is the battery case not suitable for your installation?

Our R&D centre can design a tailor-made mechanical casing to perfectly match the technical constraints of your final solution.

The battery and the electronic part can also be supplied without the mechanical case to integrate them in your own case or in an installation like a mast. Our engineers can then intervene in the integration of the system, particularly for the thermal part.

Carte de la france aux couleur bleu de Belios représentant la fabrication française

A french industrialist

Solar batteries designed and produced in France

Belios® solar batteries are designed in our R&D centre by our team of engineers, specialised in electronics, batteries and systems.

Thanks to its infrastructure and production capacity, Belios® meets all the needs of all professionals, from small to large-scale production.

Based in Bordeaux (33), Belios® is committed to offering you solar energy storage solutions that are entirely designed and produced in France. Our after-sales service is located alongside our design and production teams and remains at your disposal to respond to all your requests as quickly as possible.